Las Vegas bus routes to trial VR on journeys


Anyone who has ever tried VR experience in a car or plane knows that virtual reality can either make you nauseous or help you while away the time. None of that is discouraging Flixbus, a low-cost bus service company that has started testing Virtual Reality (VR) to some long-distance routes to and from Las Vegas.

Flixbus recently announced a three-month VR pilot program on its longer routes, specifically for passengers going from San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix and Los Angeles. Passengers in the ”panoramic seats” will get the VR experience for free. Additionally, they will get a chance to try out around 50 VR games.

Once on board, passengers will get VR headsets loaded with content. The passengers will also be given instructional manuals to help them navigate the VR system on their own. The VR content is provided by inflight VR. The headset used is Pico Goblin 2 (from Pico Interactive). It has a refresh rate of 90Hz and a 3k resolution. The headset can run chess, basketball and other virtual reality games.

Inflight VR established itself by working closely with airlines-provides them with software updates and VR content thus has experience with offering a platform to travellers. Flixbus spokesperson told America’s TechCrunch that the pilot program would also focus on straighter routes. The reasoning behind it is that straighter routes reduce the risk of bad experience with virtual reality. The company spokesperson also said that VR had been positively received in France and Spain.

He concluded that if US customers like the VR experience, the European bus service is going to offer the service to everyone. Flixbus USA managing director Pierre Gourdain added that Las Vegas seemed a natural choice when the company was deciding on which routes to launch its VR pilot program.

The VR experiment by Flixbus, alongside virtual reality software companies, matches its youthful and tech-forward approach to bus travel. The European bus service launched in USA in 2018 to compete with Greyhound and other bus companies. After launching, the transportation start-up started routes across Nevada, Arizona and California. The low-cost bus service would offer rides for as low as £3 in order to compete with powerhouses such as Greyhound.

Currently, Flixbus operates in 28 countries, manages network planning, ticketing and customer services and sale of its product. Flixbus’ VR introduction is an addition to its already existing features that keep customers entertained. Other existing features include free access to WI-FI and in-seat ports for charging mobile devices.

Flixbus’ experiment is a great idea worth trying out. Playing virtual games such as 3-D basketball, diving into the bottom of Red Sea, exploring space or hanging out with a waddle of penguins in the Arctic is made possible from the comfort of your seat. Negatively, it can make you suffer from motion sickness and dizziness due to vertigo.

Supposing the pilot program is well received that is people use and enjoy it without ill effects of vertigo, the program is going to stick around longer. Nevertheless, the reception of Flixbus’ pilot program will determine whether or not Flixbus will fully integrate VR experience in its bus services in the US.

Four big questions on data privacy within Executive Search


The service of a personnel consultancy is essentially about pure recruitment. Many consultations focus on the search and selection of high-calibre executives and specialists. However, there are also established and renowned personnel consultants who expand their services to include strategic and conceptual issues such as personal development, assessment topics or the conception of compensation, management or corporate succession.

Executive Search is the name of a specialized personnel consultancy that accompanies companies individually through all stages of the recruiting process and along the entire value chain. As a rule, the executive search method is chosen to fill management positions and mission-critical key functions, often from a gross annual salary of 120,000 euros. The client is exclusively cared for and is the focus of consultation and support. Where in-depth knowledge of the industry and the role to be filled is required, high professionalism in the identification of candidates and a confidential approach, Executive Search can show its strengths. Together with the client, the executive search consultant develops the requirements profile, which is oriented towards the search for suitable candidates. Billing is usually done as a fixed consulting fee.

One third is due when first candidates are listed, another third when the final candidates are presented and the last third when signing the employment contract. A cornerstone of the success of executive search is long-term, trusting and often exclusive relationships with both clients and candidates. In the narrower sense, HR service providers provide a wealth of services that revolve around the extraction, use, and release of personnel. They offer “working time” in a specific qualification that can take the form of temporary employment, recruitment, temporary work, key account or project management, outsourcing or interim management. Recruiters come into play especially when there is a large market for a position: there are many candidates with the required qualifications and this is easy to record.

As brokers, the brokers lead employers and job seekers together with the aim of concluding an employment contract. Depending on the position, they search for candidates of the appropriate hierarchy and qualification levels, whereby they limit themselves to database and advertisement search. They act on a successful basis and receive a commission from their client once they have filled the position. Temporary employment or temporary employment is a three-sided employment relationship: the employee is permanently employed by the lender and is sent by the lender to the lender. This model is suitable for quickly and easily occupying functions in the commercial sector or at lower levels. So-called “CV brokers” research as many candidate profiles as possible from databases, an advantage of executive search consultancy.

The further task is to check the availability of the candidate and hand over the CVs to the client. Often, pre-employment vacancies serve as a signal to resume brokers to send unsolicited candidate profiles to these companies. The other way around, the model works for employment agencies that are addressed by jobseekers. The so-called personnel marketing agencies offer companies the opportunity to spread their job advertisements via Internet job boards or their own websites. They also often work on a pre-profit basis or allow low ad rates by buying and packaging low-cost ads cheaply.

Which way of recruitment a company chooses depends, among other things, on the company’s strategy: Depending on the level, location, qualification, and availability of specialists and executives, positions can be disseminated as an ad at the lowest possible cost. But those who have top positions to fill and also want to reach candidates who do not apply for an advert, go through the recruitment consultant. Factors such as discretion, confidentiality and the right contact with the proven personnel consultant also play an important role here.

Report suggests better HR planning is needed as a company upskills


We live in a world where business and companies are flourishing every second of the day. There is a constant requirement of skilled human resources that act as the backbone of any business organization. Computers and AI systems have made work easier but it cannot replace the need for human resource in any organization. In order to make sure that the profit and success graph of an organization goes in an upward direction, it is extremely necessary that the organization invests a maximum of its time, money and resources in hiring the best candidates available in the market. A research survey by PwC suggests that better HR planning is needed as the company up-skills.

Better HR consultancy services UK not only means that companies are equipped to hire more and more workers. It also depends on many more aspects of the workplace. The workload, workplace environment, the relationship of the management with its employees, etc play a vital role in making the workplace a comfortable place for the employees. This, in turn, leads to the interest of the employees in the work making them more focused and dedicated to their jobs resulting in better outcomes for the companies and organizations. Pieces of training need to be conducted by the management of the workplace to brush up and polish the skills of the employees and keep them updated about the changes and new findings of the field.

It is also important that the companies brief their HRs thoroughly about the requirements of the companies and the criteria that has to be taken into consideration while selecting the candidates. While selecting the candidates, employers and the HR should explain the job status and their expectations to the candidates properly. The skills of the candidates should be carefully monitored in order to pick the best candidate for the job. Companies should hire employees that are flexible and provide them multiple opportunities to practice. The employees that are being hired should be able to adapt to the workplace conditions as well.

For the bright future of the companies, it is important that the special skills and talents of the employees are recognized and make the most of it by making them work in the field they can excel. The researchers suggest that in order to build a strong workforce in the UK, the organizations should make themselves well prepared for future challenges by making their human resources skilled and ready to tackle every challenge that is thrown at them. Along with training and practice, the organizations should also be equipped with all the latest technologies as they can prove to help the working staff get more efficient and accurate in their work and projects.

For this, it is important that the higher designation management staff of the company keeps their HR team updated about the present as well as future needs of the organization so that they can use the information and be more aware while they select the candidate. The need for human resources is not going to end, the jobs and the roles may definitely get replaced by technology in the future but there still will be need of human resources for some of the other work.

New space-saving online furniture shop launched


With increasing population density in major cities, downsizing has become the norm. Suburban and urban homes have become smaller in size and consequently, the furniture which adorns the houses has also shrunk in size. The days of four poster beds and massive upholstered crouches have long gone. The demands of today’s households include customized and space saving the furniture. With smaller houses comes the need to be efficient. Customers who buy these houses are looking to furnish them with comfortable yet compact fittings which complement the aesthetics of the house. This has become a growing trend in the UK, including in the furniture shops Shrewsbury scene.

There was a huge dearth of choices for the people who wished to buy customized furniture at affordable rates. Customized furniture generally tends to be on the expensive side and the lack of reasonable prices created a niche which was noticed by entrepreneurs Phil Marsh and Colin Ibberson. Their brainchild was Hudel Living, a new online furniture store which specializes in space-saving accessories and furniture including customized beds, desks etc.

The two entrepreneurs are experienced in the field of customized furniture and have spent more than 15 years learning the tricks of the trade. They are adept at designing and crafting furniture suited to their customers’ needs.

The idea behind these space-saving accessories and furniture is functionality and utility. These ethics resonate with the spirit of millennials. As people who don’t have the luxury of extra closet space, millennials are forced to improvise. The world has become compact and more efficient. A bed can also be used to store clothes and other belongings while a table can also serve as an ironing board and vice versa. It is said that the décor of a house is the reflection of the owners’ personality and lifestyle. In modern houses which have shrunk drastically in size, people want to make the most of the space they possess. The furniture offered by Hudel Living has it all. It has great aesthetic appeal, it serves no one but several purposes and it saves space for the customers. It is the result of several years of experience building and customizing furniture to cater to people’s individual specifications.

Small, cubicles like rooms have become the norm these days and to find furniture fully customized to an individual’s personal specifications at affordable prices is almost unbelievable. This is the USP of Hudel Living. They offer premium comfort at affordable prices for the people who consider living space a comfort.

There is a shortage of houses all across the UK as even the suburbs get crowded with a steady influx of professionals. There aren’t enough houses being made to contain all these people and the severe dearth of space has led to the construction of increasingly smaller houses in the suburbs and tiny, ill-ventilated apartments in large cities. This innovative business is like a breath of fresh air for the people who are living in these dwellings. The founders of the company are merely filling a chasm with this new space-saving online furniture shop.

Manchester Bar Group liquidation leads to 120 redundancies

Insolvency Practitioner

Demand for newer products and services continue as the population continues to grow. People want to try different products and services, which encourages businesses to be more innovative and productive. Businesses seek more as to what products the public want to have and to try. Having the demand fluctuate the market, individuals or a group of people are inspired to put up more businesses which increases the competencies revolving the business world.

Businesses have their own ups and downs. They have their own peek seasons from which these businesses can gain more income. For example, during winter which is really cold, having a hot coffee or tea is relevant resulting in the higher demand for different coffee brands. Another example is on holidays, lanterns and Christmas light production only gains momentum during the Christmas season.

These are some important factors that can affect any business out there. Businesses are forced to close one after the other if competencies and the loss of customers continue. Without income, they no longer have the capacity to provide salaries for their employees, forcing the business to close and making its workers unemployed and can affect their family situation. One example of which happened recently, on one of the businesses in Manchester, UK.

Manchester bar group liquidation leads to 120 redundancies which are a rare business phenomenon. This bar group involved in this incident is Mad Ltd. Bars are very popular in city centers that cater to most party lovers with the beat of music, different kinds of drinks, and a perfect venue to enjoy the darkness of the night. This is a place where people meet and also a quick escape from stressing matters. This kind of business is one of the in-demand businesses today. Then, why do Mad Ltd closed some of its bars that resulted over 120 jobless employees?

Mad Ltd is an entrepreneurial and independent group that provides services in creating a good quality, high class, and award-winning bar concepts. Some of these famous bars are the Tusk, Rosylee, and Hula located at Manchester’s center. According to Mad Ltd officials, the business has gone into liquidation due to the recent financial climate in the UK. The business could no longer generate enough income and could no longer pay their debts, making the company sell its properties to meet these obligations, through the guidance of expert insolvency practitioners‌.

According to some business analysts, Manchester is now crowded with too many business establishments. And as long the competencies continue to grow; these businesses will continue to divide the volume of people these businesses could accommodate. It’s just having a big bowl of spaghetti, if divided into two plates for two people, it can still satisfy hunger. But having the spaghetti divided for five or more people, it will still result in hunger.

Business owners and alike, play this kind of risk having their own business meet bankruptcy if not managed properly. They could also be destroyed from outside factors like competitions without innovations are developments. Business should always look for more ways to gain more income. Financial management is really important. Proper allocation of funds, wise decisions for cash disbursements and applicable management of debts are essential for the growth of the business which can help its employees and to provide long-lasting services to more customers today and into the future.