Manchester Bar Group liquidation leads to 120 redundancies

Insolvency Practitioner

Demand for newer products and services continue as the population continues to grow. People want to try different products and services, which encourages businesses to be more innovative and productive. Businesses seek more as to what products the public want to have and to try. Having the demand fluctuate the market, individuals or a group of people are inspired to put up more businesses which increases the competencies revolving the business world.

Businesses have their own ups and downs. They have their own peek seasons from which these businesses can gain more income. For example, during winter which is really cold, having a hot coffee or tea is relevant resulting in the higher demand for different coffee brands. Another example is on holidays, lanterns and Christmas light production only gains momentum during the Christmas season.

These are some important factors that can affect any business out there. Businesses are forced to close one after the other if competencies and the loss of customers continue. Without income, they no longer have the capacity to provide salaries for their employees, forcing the business to close and making its workers unemployed and can affect their family situation. One example of which happened recently, on one of the businesses in Manchester, UK.

Manchester bar group liquidation leads to 120 redundancies which are a rare business phenomenon. This bar group involved in this incident is Mad Ltd. Bars are very popular in city centers that cater to most party lovers with the beat of music, different kinds of drinks, and a perfect venue to enjoy the darkness of the night. This is a place where people meet and also a quick escape from stressing matters. This kind of business is one of the in-demand businesses today. Then, why do Mad Ltd closed some of its bars that resulted over 120 jobless employees?

Mad Ltd is an entrepreneurial and independent group that provides services in creating a good quality, high class, and award-winning bar concepts. Some of these famous bars are the Tusk, Rosylee, and Hula located at Manchester’s center. According to Mad Ltd officials, the business has gone into liquidation due to the recent financial climate in the UK. The business could no longer generate enough income and could no longer pay their debts, making the company sell its properties to meet these obligations, through the guidance of expert insolvency practitioners‌.

According to some business analysts, Manchester is now crowded with too many business establishments. And as long the competencies continue to grow; these businesses will continue to divide the volume of people these businesses could accommodate. It’s just having a big bowl of spaghetti, if divided into two plates for two people, it can still satisfy hunger. But having the spaghetti divided for five or more people, it will still result in hunger.

Business owners and alike, play this kind of risk having their own business meet bankruptcy if not managed properly. They could also be destroyed from outside factors like competitions without innovations are developments. Business should always look for more ways to gain more income. Financial management is really important. Proper allocation of funds, wise decisions for cash disbursements and applicable management of debts are essential for the growth of the business which can help its employees and to provide long-lasting services to more customers today and into the future.