New space-saving online furniture shop launched


With increasing population density in major cities, downsizing has become the norm. Suburban and urban homes have become smaller in size and consequently, the furniture which adorns the houses has also shrunk in size. The days of four poster beds and massive upholstered crouches have long gone. The demands of today’s households include customized and space saving the furniture. With smaller houses comes the need to be efficient. Customers who buy these houses are looking to furnish them with comfortable yet compact fittings which complement the aesthetics of the house. This has become a growing trend in the UK, including in the furniture shops Shrewsbury scene.

There was a huge dearth of choices for the people who wished to buy customized furniture at affordable rates. Customized furniture generally tends to be on the expensive side and the lack of reasonable prices created a niche which was noticed by entrepreneurs Phil Marsh and Colin Ibberson. Their brainchild was Hudel Living, a new online furniture store which specializes in space-saving accessories and furniture including customized beds, desks etc.

The two entrepreneurs are experienced in the field of customized furniture and have spent more than 15 years learning the tricks of the trade. They are adept at designing and crafting furniture suited to their customers’ needs.

The idea behind these space-saving accessories and furniture is functionality and utility. These ethics resonate with the spirit of millennials. As people who don’t have the luxury of extra closet space, millennials are forced to improvise. The world has become compact and more efficient. A bed can also be used to store clothes and other belongings while a table can also serve as an ironing board and vice versa. It is said that the décor of a house is the reflection of the owners’ personality and lifestyle. In modern houses which have shrunk drastically in size, people want to make the most of the space they possess. The furniture offered by Hudel Living has it all. It has great aesthetic appeal, it serves no one but several purposes and it saves space for the customers. It is the result of several years of experience building and customizing furniture to cater to people’s individual specifications.

Small, cubicles like rooms have become the norm these days and to find furniture fully customized to an individual’s personal specifications at affordable prices is almost unbelievable. This is the USP of Hudel Living. They offer premium comfort at affordable prices for the people who consider living space a comfort.

There is a shortage of houses all across the UK as even the suburbs get crowded with a steady influx of professionals. There aren’t enough houses being made to contain all these people and the severe dearth of space has led to the construction of increasingly smaller houses in the suburbs and tiny, ill-ventilated apartments in large cities. This innovative business is like a breath of fresh air for the people who are living in these dwellings. The founders of the company are merely filling a chasm with this new space-saving online furniture shop.